I have amblyopia that affects my left eye. This has caused my left eye to be mostly unresponsive to correction from a contact lens or glasses, and, as I learned from Dr. Montgomery, has also likely caused my eyes to have a vertical misalignment.

Before VT, I always thought I was making very little use of my left eye. This made things like getting my driver’s license, reading text on a page or computer for a long time, and even playing sports much more difficult. Having gone most of my life with thinking that there really wasn’t anything I could do about it, I was more than excited to learn of the success stories of other people my age with Dr. Montgomery. Overall, working with Dr. Montgomery has been exceptional, and I cannot stress how great this process has been for me.

The day I was able to see and appreciate depth for the first time in office was definitely one of the greatest moments during VT. However, I think the moment I noticed a big difference in my vision was when I was in one of my nursing school clinicals starting an IV. Looking at and aligning the IV needle is very similar to getting the beads on the stick in VT. In that moment I could really appreciate my new-found depth perception for the first time.

After VT, I have continued to notice depth in areas that I have not previously. Working on the computer for lengthy periods at work has not been nearly as tiring as it has been before. I also think that I am able to judge distances both near and far much more easily now. It really is hard to imagine how much more difficult it used to be to simply use my left eye properly, and I sure am glad I never have to go back!

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