Better Students Through Better Vision

Even if you have clear vision, a Functional Vision Problem may be limiting your potential. Vision Therapy can solve these issues, creating focused, confident students.

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“We did 20 weeks of Vision Therapy and it was so WORTH IT!”

“Doing Vision Therapy with Dr. Montgomery has made all the difference in the world!”

“My daughter has come a long way since starting VT. Reading is easier for her now and she can keep up with class work.”

“There are many areas that VT has helped but reading is where we can tell a huge improvement!”

DeeDee’s Story

I remember getting very tired whenever I would read, even if it was a short period of time. I would also lose my spot on the page often. As you can imagine, I stayed exhausted during college and at my job which required a lot of reading a computer work. In my late 20s...

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Ashley’s Story

Before Vision Therapy I was a slow reader compared to my peers and I was having trouble completing all of the reading homework that was assigned. I would get very tired quickly while reading. Computer work was hard for me to focus on during M.A.P. testing at school. I...

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Tanner’s Story

I have amblyopia that affects my left eye. This has caused my left eye to be mostly unresponsive to correction from a contact lens or glasses, and, as I learned from Dr. Montgomery, has also likely caused my eyes to have a vertical misalignment. Before VT, I always...

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Ellen’s Story

“Before Vision Therapy, I had no depth perception. The easiest way to explain living without depth perception is that everything looked like a movie screen to me. I knew certain things were closer or farther but I couldn’t really see it. As you can imagine, without...

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