“Before Vision Therapy, I had no depth perception. The easiest way to explain living without depth perception is that everything looked like a movie screen to me. I knew certain things were closer or farther but I couldn’t really see it. As you can imagine, without depth perception, life in general looks different. I had trouble with sports, driving, etc. I didn’t even know I didn’t have depth perception until my appointment with Dr. Montgomery. He quickly identified the issue. I have had glasses since I was 3 so I’ve been going to optometrists my whole life, and no one had ever mentioned this to me.

I really enjoyed working with Dr. Montgomery and his staff. They were always personable and professional. I really appreciated that he always took the time to explain how each vision therapy exercise was meant to help correct my issue.

I finally saw depth during a vision therapy session, during an exercise with a ball. I could actually tell the ball was coming at me, going from smaller to larger. It may seem like something small, but for me to see the difference was amazing. I doubt I’ll ever forget that moment.

After vision therapy, I’m able to see the world as it was meant to be seen. It makes everyday tasks like driving or using the computer much easier. I’m very thankful for Dr. Montgomery’s help. Without Four Rivers Vision Therapy, I would still be seeing the world as flat.”

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