What is Vision Therapy?


Of What We Learn Is Through VISION!

1 in 10 Children Has a Vision Problem Interfering with Learning.


Of Vision Issues are Missed at Vision Screenings

Our Brain Controls Our Vision


But some people have poor communication in their visual system

That's Where Vision Therapy Comes In!

Vision Therapy Improves Visual Skills


Creating Focused, More Confident Students!

Vision Therapy, under the direction of an Optometrist, invovles creating better communication between the brain and visual system. That may include correcting eye alignment, improving eye movements and coordination, or improving focusing ability and comfort. Vision Therapy is similar to occupational or physical therapy in that it involves weekly in-office sessions as well as structured at-home activities to reinforce the skills learned in-office. Learning these visual skills is possible by giving the patient feedback about how they use their eyes, which allows them to make adjustments and see the results of those adjustments in real-time. Vision Therapy uses a wide array of specialty equipment that gives the patient immediate feeback about the task they are performing. Once a visual skill is learned and reinforced in Vision Therapy, the patient has attained that skill for life. It is not something that requires continuous maintenance. Vision Therapy works, and is a permanent solution for many functional and binocular vision problems!
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